Paua Shell Cufflinks in 925 Silver


Paua Shell Cufflinks

Made with genuine Paua shell beads, fancy agate rounds, the metalwork is 925 Stirling Silver Wire. The different shades of blue and green never fail to impress.


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Paua Shell Cufflinks

These Paua Shell CuffLinks, made with genuine Paua Shell beads. As well as fancy agate rounds, and 925 silver wire. Paua are commonly found in shallow coastal waters along rocky shorelines. In depths of 1 and up to 10 meters. These large sea snails survive the strong tidal surges by clinging to rocks using their large muscular foot. Also they feed on seaweed.

To Maori Māori, paua are recognised taonga or treasure. Also esteemed both as kaimoana (seafood) and as a valued resource for traditional and also contemporary arts and crafts. Pāua are frequently used to represent the eyes in Māori carvings and traditionally are associated with the stars or whetū. Hence the symbolic eyes of ancestors that gaze down from the night sky.

The paua is iconic in New Zealand: its black muscular foot is considered a delicacy. The shells are frequently used in making jewellery.

Finally highly polished New Zealand paua shells are extremely popular as souvenirs. With their striking blue, green, and purple iridescence.



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