Pearl Amethyst Earrings with gold Fill ear wires


Pearl Amethyst Earrings

Pearl Amethyst  Earrings made with, Zambian Amethyst, cultured potatoe pearls, Gold Plated, gold plated figaro chain, 925 Silver Headpins and goldfill ear wires, the drop size of the earrings is 6cm.

*NB* Goldfill has a lot higher gold content than Gold Plated.

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Pearl Amethyst Earrings

These pearl amethyst earrings made with white cultured potatoe pearls and Zambian amethyst beads. Headpins are Gold Plated 925 Silver, gold plated figaro chain and gold fill ear wires.

Zambian Amethyst

The largest deposits of amethyst is found in south America in Brazil mainly in geodes in volcanic rock. This purple quartz is found in Uruguay as well, so most of the amethyst  comes from South America. The finest amethyst comes from Zambia, ask any gem dealer or jeweller will tell you that Zambian Amethyst is worth x3 to x5 more per carat  than South America Amethyst. The Zambian product has a lot deeper purple in the colour than the South American.

*NB* Gold fill has a lot higher gold content than Gold Plated.

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Dimensions 6 cm


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