Art Deco Fashion

Hi and welcome to my blog that I have finally got round to writing. My first introduction on my blog is the art deco fashion greeting cards.

Art Deco is a style that first appeared in France during the the 1st world war,  the richness of the styles, colours and bold shapes became popular in the 1920’s ( the roaring 20’s) and 1940’s.

Art Deco ladies clothing was very elegant and stylish. With shorter hem lines, draping, gauzy and glittery fabric, beaded headdresses with feathers, and long gloves for added style to the ladies outfit.

The tassel dress known as a flapper dress or fringe dress was also stylish these were worn for dancing.

Another Art Deco Fashion which was popular was the ladies short hairstyles known as the bob haircut. These were made up with either finger curls or Marcel curls, glittery slides, beaded headdresses and hair-clips were added to the hair to add style.

The makeup used was rouge for the cheeks and bright red lipstick was a favorite colour.  Pencilled eyebrows were also an essential part of the look. The ladies also liked to smoke and used long stemmed cigarette holders.

The gentleman’s art deco style was also popular, stylish suits, patterned shirts and ties. Braces, straw hats, panama hats, and fedoras were also part of the gents attire.

The footwear style was the Oxford shoe  and the socks also matched the pants, the pocket square would be the final touch added to the gents attire.

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